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Digital design, group project with Agathe Bailly and Olivia Bodez.

How to communicate upside down with somebody 20,000 km away?

This is what you could see in very long spyglasses passing right through the Earth (we imagined tubes coming through the ground, you can bend and look inside):

There is a screen on the ground, where you can see both your footprints and footprints of people on the other side of the planet, walking on a connected screen. It enables you to pass the ball and play football together. Amazing!

For your antipode, you look like a bat, it’s a fact. Webcams can relay this easily:


  1. FX says:

    décembre 4th, 2010at 17:01(#)

    If the globe is transparent, I’ll avoid from now on to wear robes, gowns and skirts. And I have to tell my Scottish friends (sorry for the male-only solidarity thus displayed).

    If the globe is transparent, I’ll have to devise a device that will enable me to keep one eye on this side of the earth, and one eye on the other side: who would want to lose a double share of reality?

    If the globe is transparent where shall I hide and pray, hide and read, hide and think, hide and seek, hide and steal?

    If the globe is transparent, then the sun is going to flow everywhere all the time (minus the small problem of clouds), how to live in a world with no night?

    I just enrolled in gymnastic courses: walking with my head upside down is a new edgy kind of life-style: red is the new white, left is the new right but no is still no.
    Hand-shake is foot-shake,


    [communication terminated at 0500 pm by the irruption of psychiatric hospital employees]


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