Data flow – Where you eat

mars 15th, 2010  |  Published in Volume and folding

Data volume.

You’ve different strawberries: one for each kind of place where people are eating (in France). The biggest stands for all the meals taken at home (76 % is the proportion). On one strawberry, you can see the proportion of meals taken by men or by women in this place, and the age of people eating there.

The unfold paper depicts a plate, so there is a link with food however is the paper.


Simulation for an interactive animation.

You can read the amount of people eating during one day in France around the circle (the circle stands for 24 hours). When you click on different parameters, strata appear according to the proportion of eating people that are this or that age, this profession or the other, on their own or with other people, at home or in a restaurant, etc.

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