There’s no ad in the metro

avril 9th, 2010  |  Published in Design in the city  |  1 Comment

Billboards’ substitutes.

I did this project with Agathe Bailly and Olivia Bodez.

On the metro platforms, it becomes more and more common to see vacant advertising inserts. Usually, a large plain paper covers the insert.

We decided to reuse these empty spaces, to fill them with black and white typography (because it’s cheaper, and also because it looks different from other advertising, and it’s visually attractive). The concept is simple: from a distance, you read a question, something that reminds you something, or stimulates your imagination. When you get closer, you discover a selection of answers to the question, but it’s difficult to see the question, because you can mostly read it from far.

The questions could be: What’s your first memory? Your favorite journey? Your craziest dream? What would you like to take with you in a desert island? If a genius asked you for 3 wishes, what would you ask for? Some recipes from your grandma?…


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